In the framework of the cooperation agreement with the Ministry of Justice, the Directorate of Free Legal Aid, the Faculty of Law invites its students to become part of the Legal Clinic to gain an irreplaceable academic, professional and personal experience for the academic year 2021-2022, with staff consisting of lecturers of the departments of Justice and students of FD. The purpose of the Clinic is to provide free primary legal aid to persons with financial disabilities and other special categories as well as to train law students in the best possible way in practice.

The Legal Clinic at the Faculty of Law, Luarasi University, opens the call for applications for students who wish to be an active part of the activities of the Legal Clinic, which includes:

-Providing information regarding the legal system of the Republic of Albania, normative acts in force, the rights and obligations of the subjects of law and the methods for exercising these rights in the judicial and extrajudicial process;

-Providing advice on mediation procedures and alternative dispute resolution;

-Providing assistance in drafting and compiling the necessary documents to set in motion the state administration or to seek secondary legal assistance;

-Representation before administrative bodies;

-Providing all other forms of necessary legal support that do not constitute secondary legal aid (representation in court);

-Improving skills in the field of justice through practice;

-Assistance in the administrative work of the Legal Clinic, including: drafting requests, complaints, letters or any other legal material, addressed to public administration institutions, judicial bodies or private parties, according to the needs of the individual, etc .;

The selected students will be engaged at the Clinic until the end of the academic year 2021-2022. For students of the second cycle Master of Science, this period is known as a professional practice, for the purpose of repaying University obligations.

Those interested must meet the following criteria:

-To be a second year student in the Integrated Study Program of the second cycle in Law, Bachelor in Law,

Master of Science in “Civil and Commercial Law”, Master of Science in “Criminal Law” and Professional Master “Security and Public Order”;

-To have an average of studies over 8;

-Applicants must be serious about the work that will be assigned to them;

-Have good communication and teamwork skills;

-To want to be involved in issues to help the community.

Students wishing to apply should send to the e-mail address

a letter of interest;