Call for Editorial Board of Reviewers

Journal of Knowledge and Innovations (JKI) is a peer-reviewed international journal, devoted to all the scientists in subject areas like law, economics, information technology and innovations, and educational sciences.
Journal of Knowledge and Innovations (JKI) clearly understands the importance of an effective peer review process when authors choose to submit their manuscripts to our Journal. We try hard to establish and sustain peer-review integrity on the journal and a vital part of this means ensuring that reviewers have the appropriate resources to carry out their work as efficiently and effectively as possible.
Potential reviewers should provide personal and professional information that is accurate and a fair representation of their expertise, including verifiable and accurate contact information.
During the peer review process, Referee Report preparation, and after reviewing we expect from our reviewers following:
Confidentiality: In order to maintain the integrity of the review process, the reviewers shouldn’t discuss, copy, disseminate, or share information of the reviewed manuscript with anyone without specific permission from the Editor.
Standards of objectivity: Reviewers should be objective while conducting reviews. All the comments and recommendations should be supported with relevant arguments.
Timeliness: It is necessary to respond to an invitation to peer review within a reasonable time-frame.
Competing interests: It is important to remain unbiased by considerations related to the nationality, religious or political beliefs, gender and/or other characteristics of the authors, origin of a manuscript or by commercial considerations.
The Criteria to Become an Editorial Board of Reviewers:
• You should have a Msc, or advanced degree to be a part of Editorial Board of Reviewers.
• You should have an expertize on law, economics, information technology and innovations, and educational sciences fields.
• Preferably you should have an academic reviewing experience.
Applying as Editorial Board of Reviewers
Please, fill in the Application form for Editorial Board of Reviewers attached and send it via the e-mail address: