A message from the Rector


Email: ethem.ruka@luarasi-univ.edu.al

Luarasi University is a private institution of higher education in Albania, licensed by Decision of the Council of Ministers No. 611, dated: 11.09.2003: “On granting permission for the opening of a non-public university high school “LUARASI.” Based on this act, the institution has started the teaching activity, in the academic year 2003–2004.


Today Luarasi University has four faculties: Law, Economics and Information Technology and Innovation.


Following the announcement of the accreditation results of public and state high schools, Luarasi University is accredited for a maximum of six years, ranking one of the four best high schools in the country. This certification is the best evidence of the high quality and reliability of diplomas issued at the end of students’ schooling.

It cannot be otherwise as long as the law students at this University are the only ones among all private universities that meet the criteria for admission to the magistrates’ school, and what is more important, around 80% of our graduates finds a job six months after finishing the university.


Luarasi University is located in one of the most favorite university areas of the capital. It has an excellent infrastructure and offers the best conditions for the smooth running and entertainment of students. Dedicated academic staff teaches at this University, which is distinguished for its high professionalism.


A series of agreements signed between Luarasi University and many local organizations and foreign universities have turned our auditoriums into a lively debate on issues related to the theoretical and practical training of students. The Legal Clinic of Luarasi University, as well as the Forensic Laboratory are among the best of all high schools. Our students and lawyers advise for free and are active in resolving many legal issues in favor of citizens in need.


The number of students at this institution only for the academic year 2021-2022 increased by 26%. The interests of students for a better education remain a priority for Luarasi University. They actively participate in the decision-making of this institution and benefit from the experiences of foreign universities under the Erasmus + program. The Student’s Government is vibrant and undertakes activities of student and public interest.


High quality of teaching, activity of the institution strongly supported by law, value of diplomas for employment; lively student life, the connection of theoretical training with lively practical activity, excellent infrastructural conditions, etc., are an open offer for graduates who want well-deserved degrees in the field of law, economics and information and innovation technologies


Luarasi University is part of the Hysenbelliu Group. This group includes several companies operating in many other fields, but among them I would single out the media company that includes Gazeta Panorama, Gazeta Shqiptare, Panorama Sport, Psikologia Magazine, the well-known NEWS 24 Television, Radio RASH, and the Balkanweb news portal. All this media potential is constantly at the service of students to affirm their personality even at the public level.


Luarasi is your university! We welcome you and assure you that at the end of your studies you will be provided with one of the diplomas that has the highest credibility in the country. We welcome you in September in the auditoriums of this University!