The mission of the Library of KU “Luarasi” is to support the academic program and scientific activity of the institution. The library is at the service of the teaching, educational process, professional training and scientific activity carried out in the institution. Provides free service for students, academic and administrative staff. The library has a fund that consists of technical-scientific books in Albanian and foreign languages.

The library has at its disposal students and academic staff with suitable accommodation conditions, 2 study rooms with 30 simultaneous accommodations:

1 – The main fund of the book with 12 seats.

2 – Study room with 18 seats equipped with computer and unlimited internet access.

Several other facilities are available as reading rooms for students, including seminar classrooms, which are open daily.

The library makes available to students and academic staff, all its fund of technical-scientific book in Albanian and in foreign languages, giving them for use inside the library and outside with a time limit. With the development and achievements of KU “Luarasi” the library has aimed to achieve contemporary standards in book processing.

The library fund has been established on the basis of ongoing purchases, by academic staff, library benefactors and various donations.

The Library has periodical publications belonging to the fields of study programs – Law and Economics – in particular the collections of the Official Gazette, the monetary policy reports of the Bank of Albania, and has planned to expand the range of long-term subscriptions to the most important periodicals of these fields published in Albania and abroad.

The library, in the function of the academic staff and students, publishes the list of new entries. Working with the student, the reader is the main task of every library employee. The library fund is computerized (ongoing work) and is evidenced (open funds) in its premises.


  To meet academic obligations, the library uses electronic address sources that provide free materials (texts, foreign journals or articles), which the library staff records online.

Where “Luarasi” Library is also subscribed to the electronic platform in The Economist Magazine. (

The use of this electronic platform is in the premises of the Library of KU “Luarasi” for the benefit of academic staff and students.

Electronic resources of addresses that provide free materials (full texts free books and foreign magazines), the library employee records them through the Internet. Some of these addresses which are functional for the electronic library are:

WHERE “Luarasi” publishes, twice a year, its periodical, “THOUGHT, STUDIES IN JURISDICTION AND ECONOMY”, which is intended for specialized readers through the publication of scientific studies in the fields of law and economics. This journal is conceived as a forum for authors in these fields, prominent profiles in the field of research and publications but also for young researchers.

Service hours:

 Monday – Friday 08:30 – 20:00

(During the exam season the Library works long hours)

In case you have any doubts do not hesitate to contact us