Fab Projects

The success of a Scientific Research Center, Project Management and Innovation is based on the vision and foresight of developing and implementing strategic plans and creating a culture for the organization, as well as directing the active staff towards various projects.

This Center, with a staff of highly ambitious researchers and professors, aims to involve the University College “Luarasi” actively in cooperation with universities, research consortia and national and international development programs. This will be realized through a matrix that combines the work of 9 departments of the University College “Luarasi” with the network of research and academic institutions inside and outside the country with which it cooperates and will cooperate in the future. The “FAB” center will also pay great attention to training activities, including second cycle students and in projects and research activities.

FAB Center for Scientific Research, Projects and Innovation, at the University College “LUARASI” facilitates the development of projects in areas such as: Economics, Law and Information Technology and Innovation, with the aim of involving academic staff, young researchers and students of the University College “LUARASI ”In capacity development projects, research, policy-oriented studies and other initiatives closely related to higher education.


1.Cooperation with the Ministry of Finance and Economy in the Republic of Albania for providing consultancy in the field of Economy, Justice and Information Technology and Innovation.

    1. Creation of a software platform, “Portal of Professors and Students”. This portal will be LIVE for the University College “Luarasi” during the academic year 2018-2019, and the proposal is to be offered to all institutions of higher education in Albania, which will be able to digitize a series of processes within their institutions as and use information technology to better manage the academic process and beyond. The portal offers a series of modules related to online syllabi, online academic workload, online learning register, online assessment of courses and lecturers, academic materials for each of the subjects including the basic book, powerpoint presentations, course assignments and essays, seminars and laboratories, online library, module for managing teaching materials, online tests, etc.
    2. The newest project that brings the University to the Gymnasiums is the E-Gymnasium, starting the piloting with 5 of the best gymnasiums in Tirana for the development of teachers’ capacities in the field of information technology and innovation, as well as the creation of information technology student clubs. in these institutions. University College “LUARASI” will be in a cooperation and partnership agreement with the Municipality of Tirana and the Ministry of Education, Sports and Youth.
    3. Building and providing an online platform for the employment of Luarasi University College students and not only to which all public and non-public organizations can be attached to meet their human resource requirements.
    4. The “Luarasi Alumni” project will be the next development with which FAB will try to cross national borders, to be included in the international Alumni network. The portal “Luarasi Alumni” will be a novelty in the education market in Albania as the facilities it will offer will make it one of the most visited portals.
    5. At the same time, the FAB center plans to develop other projects of local character and beyond.