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Prof. Asoc. Dr. Rezana Konomi, Dean

Email: rezana.konomi@luarasi-univ.edu.al

The Faculty of Law offers study programs in two cycles: Bachelor and Master of Science and Professional Master. Our academic curricula have been innovative for the Albanian reality, preparing and qualifying students for the future of a European society, worthy of facing challenges.

The Faculty of Law, with a consolidated tradition, has confirmed the quality of studies by returning fully to the service of its public mission – the preparation of the student, specialist, devout and visionary citizen, worthy of a democratic society.

We invite young people who aspire to be the lawyers of the future to become part of our efforts in training the expert professional who best fits the labor market.

Generating ideas that provide solutions to current and future challenges is and remains our common challenge. Graduate students at the Faculty of Law have been and remain preferred to be employed in the organs of the justice system, as well as in other national and international institutions. They are the only ones who have been able to compete and complete their studies with dignity at the School of Magistrates.

Who is this study Program aimed at?

The purpose of the “Bachelor” in Law program is to offer students the opportunity to gain the necessary legal knowledge that will serve as a basis for their further specialization in various fields. This study program is addressed to students who want to prepare for the fulfillment of various functions such as: a – lawyer; b – notary; c – lawyer in companies; d – lawyer in state companies; e – lawyer in various institutions.



Why should you register in this study program?

The need for a well-prepared judiciary, for skilled lawyers and notaries and a public administration at contemporary levels is best met by the 11-year academic experience of SHLUJ “Luarasi”, which enables the exit of professionals in the labor market.

Students who graduate in this study program gain academic skills adaptable to the needs of the market, able to continue postgraduate studies, developing communication skills necessary for the competent and professional conduct of legal analysis, in Albanian and foreign languages.

What does this study program contain?

The Bachelor of Laws program aims to provide students with general and necessary knowledge in the field of law. The teaching of this study program will be based on a research work, which should enable students to develop a critical way of thinking and become able to discuss various legal issues.

The program will focus on disciplines such as Labor Law and Social Security, Criminal Law, Civil Law and Obligations, Family Law, Administrative Law, Civil and Criminal Procedure, Public and Private International Law, etc. which will be treated by combining the theoretical aspect with the practical one.

Bachelor BA/ Law

This program provides the necessary legal knowledge that serves as a basis for further specialization in such fields as lawyers, notaries, lawyers in companies and state companies, lawyers in various institutions and central and local public administration, etc. This study program includes:

Programi i Studimit ``Bachelor në Drejtësi``
Nr. Viti i pare 60 ECTS Semestri
1. Theory of Law 8 I
2. History of Institutions &  History of State and Law in Albania 10 I+II
3. Foreign Language (English) 8 I
4. Constitutional Law 10 II
5. Civil Law 10 I +II
6. Legal Psychology / Legal Sociology /Legal Logic 4 II
7. Criminal Law General Part 10 I+II
Nr. Viti i dytë 60 ECTS Semestri
1. Labour and Social Security 8 I
2. Criminal Law(Special Section) 10 I + II
3. Law of Obligations 10 I+II
4. Family Law 10 II
5. Administrative Law 10 I+II
6. Roman Law 6 I
7. Public Procurement/Legal Clinic 6 II
Nr. Viti i tretë 60 ECTS  Semestri
1. Civil Procedure 10 I+II
2. Criminal Procedure 10 I+II
3. Public International Law 8 I
4. Private International Law 8 II
5. Philosophy of Law 8 I
6. Legislative Technique /Intellectual Property 3 II
7. Teaching Practice 6 II
8. Final Exam 7 II

Department of Private Law

Head of Department: Dr. Blerina Shkurti

Personeli Akademik

Staf i brendshëm   Staf i jashtëm 2017 – 2018
Nr. Emër mbiemër Titulli/Grada   Nr. Emër mbiemër Titulli/Grada
1 Blerina Shkurti Dr.   1 Juliana Latifi Prof.Dr.
2 Rezana Konomi Prof.Asoc.Dr.   2 Albana Shtylla Dr.
3 Helga Vukaj Prof.Asoc.Dr   3 Besnik Maho Dr.
4 Agron Lamaj Dr.   4 Valentina Kondili Dr.
5 Folitjona Puravelli MSc   5 Vitore Tusha Dr.
6 Inesa Adhami MSc   6 Dashamir Kore MSc
7 Brisilda Ademaj MSc   7 Griselda Muhametaj MSC
        8 Silvana Ramadani MSc

Department of Public Law

Head of Department: Dr. Dorina Gjipali.

Personeli Akademik

 Staf i brendshëm   Staf i jashtëm 2017 – 2018
Nr. Emër mbiemër Titulli/Grada   Nr. Emër mbiemër Titulli/Grada
1 Dorina Gjipali Dr.   1  Xhezair Zaganjori  Prof.Dr
2 Aleksandër Muskaj Dr.   2 Nejla Peka Prof.Asoc.Dr.
3 Artan Kotro MSc   3 Afërdita Sokolaj  Dr.
4 Ernest Balili Msc   4  Alfred Halilaj Dr.
5 Lisien Damini MSc   5 Daniel Borakaj Dr.
6 Alba Kuçani MSc   6 Denar Biba Dr.
        7 Renis Zaganjori Dr.
        8 Armand Skapi MSc
        9 Erjon Malaj MSc

Department of Criminal Law

Head of Department: Dr. Lorenc Stojani

Personeli Akademik

Staf i brendshëm   Staf i jashtëm 2017 – 2018
Nr. Emër mbiemër Titulli/Grada   Nr. Emër mbiemër Titulli/Grada
1 Lorenc Stojani Dr.   1 Bilbil Memaj Dr.
2 Luan Veliqioti Prof.Asoc.Dr.   2 Hasan Shkëmbi Dr.
3 Enida Bozheku Dr.   3 Jonid Kazani Dr.
4 Saimir Vishaj MSc   4 Marenglen Kasmi Dr.
5 Bojana Fatkoja MSc   5 Sandër Lleshi Dr.
6 Julinda Gjika MSc   6 Natalja Qano Dr.
        7 Sandër Lleshi Dr.
        8 Xhavit Shala Dr.
        9 Nikoll Rica MSc
        10 Nazim Shtino MSc