Office activity

The activity of the office focuses on ensuring the quality and compliance of the curricula offered by KU “Luarasi with the requirements of the legislation on Higher Education in the Republic of Albania.

The Office cooperates with the constituent units of KU “Luarasi” for the drafting of new study programs, change and reorganization of existing ones, in accordance with applicable laws and regulations and the preparation of relevant documentation until their implementation.

Responsibility and Competence

1-Evaluates the proposals of the Board of Administration or of the constituent units of KU “Luarasi” for the opening of new study programs, change or reorganization of existing programs.

2-Collects the curricula offered in each study cycle, after their approval by the relevant authority.

3-Verifies the observance of the format and principles defined for the design of course programs.

4-Reports on the status and submission of case programs to the Rector.

5-Supports the Internal Quality Assurance Unit in cases of preparation of reports for evaluation of study programs for the purpose of accreditation and for cases of opening new programs and reorganization of existing ones, always within its competence, for curriculum issues and teaching-research.

6-Follows and participates in the process of transfer of first and second cycle studies to KU “Luarasi”.

7-Develops draft quota policies for both study cycles.

8-Follows and monitors the admissions in the main units of KU “Luarasi”, in accordance with the quotas and admission criteria approved for the I and II cycle of the study.

9-Participates in the drafting of documentation-documentation for the names of diplomas for the two cycles of study.

10-Prepares documentation for meetings of the Academic Senate related to study programs.

11-Participates in the drafting of the Internal Evaluation Report of KU “Luarasi” (Annual Report).

12-Cooperates in close contact with all constituent units of KU “Luarasi”.

13-By order of the Rector, provides consultancy on issues related to the nature of the Curriculum Development Office.

14-Performs other tasks in accordance with the general functioning of this Office according to the provisions of the Statute and Regulation of KU “Luarasi”.

Reporting / Dependence

The office operates under the subordination of the Rector and the Deputy Rector for the teaching side and implements the tasks provided in the Statute and the Regulation of KU “Luarasi”.