Alumni ``Luarasi``

The role of this office is to establish and expand an ongoing relationship between Luarasi University and its alumni, who are already graduates. Our goal is to build new relationships with new students and strengthen relationships with graduate students. This office promotes the interest and participation of students and alumni in the life of the University, aiming at the interaction between the two groups, through their involvement in joint activities and projects.

Alsaed Sinani

Lawyer, Municipality of Shkodra

I did not find it at all difficult to make the decision to choose the path of success in life, it was “Luarasi”. Here I have the opportunity to learn from the most prominent names in the justice system, to know the scientific, practical and professional side. “Luarasi” is the institution that perfects knowledge and inspires its search.

Silvana Ramadani

Lawyer, Civil Aviation Authority

“Luarasi” was the first choice. This institution carries a tradition of several years, a high reputation and professional staff consisting of the most prominent names of the justice system. After finishing 3 years of study at this university I am convinced that I have

made the right choice and this choice I would suggest you remember that like me, he has a passion for justice and wants to study in this field.

Dr. Blerina Shkurti

Head of the Department of Private Law WHERE “Luarasi”

I have had the honor and pleasure of being a student, alumni, member of the academic staff and most recently part of the Rectorate of “Luarasi”. During all these years in “Luarasi” I can testify to the maximum commitment of the pedagogical staff in preparing the new generations of citizens and professionals for an atmosphere of cooperation and meritocracy, for an institution that reflects values!

Sokol Shehu


As an alumnus of Luarasi, I testify that “Luarasi” has a very good academic program, with a deep and stable commitment to the education and legal qualification of students. “Luarasi” offers contemporary university programs in the study of law, equipping students with skills in legal reasoning and argumentation. WHERE “Luarasi” has a highly trained academic staff. Whatever your career goals, “Luarasi” can give you the right education to achieve them.

Endrit Shabani

(PhD candidate Oxford, UK)

“In” Luarasi “I found inspiring professors, and brilliant students, who together represent at the same time the tradition and the future of Albania.”