1Future – jOiNEd For sUsTainability – building climate REsilient communities in WB and EU

Project information

The Project’s scope is capacity building for strengthening research and teaching in areas related to Sustainable Development and Climate Change. The European Union finances this Project within the framework of the Erasmus+ program.

The University of Tirana, Faculty of Economics, will coordinate the Project. It will be implemented in partnership with universities in the Western Balkans, universities in developed EU countries, and non-academic partners, such as non-profit organizations and business associations. The Project focuses on developing and implementing solutions to mitigate the impacts of climate change and create a more sustainable future.

Academic partners in the Project:


Non-academic partners include NGOs from all Western Balkan countries participating in the Project, business associations, and simultaneously also public institutions:

Among the main components of the Project:

  1. Increasing research capacities at the Western Balkans Universities through “Research Centers for Sustainable Development and Climate.”
  2. Creation of the 1Future Platform, a cooperation platform between the university, businesses, and the government to achieve the objectives of Sustainable Development. The 1Future platform will be an open structure, allowing information and communication to flow freely between all stakeholders involved.
  3. Capacity building for teaching in subjects related to sustainable development
  4. Providing intensive courses for professionals engaged in the design, implementation, and support of climate change adaptation and mitigation policies, employed in central, regional and local government institutions, non-profit organizations or for business representatives interested in improving their skills in many related areas to climate change.


The Project has already started in April 2023 and is planned to last three years.


  • 101082815-ERASMUS-EDU-2022-CBHE-STRAND-2
  • EU OVERARCHING PRIORITY: the Green Deal(climate change, environment, and energy)
  • Geographical targets: multicountry(regional) project
  • Number of Partners: 18
  • Number of countries: 8
  • Start-End : 01/04/2023 – 31/03/2026

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