Mission and Vision



The mission of Luarasi University is to create and develop sustainable knowledge through quality teaching and learning, integration with practice, encouragement and inspiration for scientific research and the formation of elite professionals with high professional ethics. It is the only way for our graduates to be worthy competitors in the job market.


Luarasi University has undertaken to offer students and society an education center that fully integrates the three basic directions of the academic process: teaching, research and social responsibility. These responsibilities are fully in line with both the country’s development priorities and the global challenges of the century we are living in. Only in this way can we contribute worthily, both in improving the quality of life of Albanian society and to raise the standards of democracy in the country.


“We value tradition, we understand the present, we prepare the future!”




The vision of Luarasi University is to create a model university of excellence, a leader in the sustainable development of knowledge in Albania and in the region. This vision aims to turn this institution into a center of cultivating the best values ​​in order to form the future’s elite of professionals.