Student Government


As the chairman of this independent structure, resulting from free and fair elections, applied in a model system

election, together with the members of the Student Council, respecting the tradition of generations in “Luarasi” and the desire to follow the relay and a positive example to future generations, in our vision and daily work we take care to hear the voice of students in academic and administrative leadership ¸ not only within our institution, but wherever we have influence; to follow the problems and requirements of each student; to enrich the academic activity with innovative ideas generated by students; as well as enliven life in university auditoriums.


The Student Council “Luarasi” is not only a union of students and interests for academic growth, but a union of human and artistic values, which we reflect and cultivate year after year in our activities. I am very proud to lead the Student Council of Luarasi, which has already become the main collaborator of other student structures in the country, and with conviction in the most positive model for its constitution and performance.

The Student Council consists of the Chairman of the Student Council, the Vice-Chairman of the Student Council, the Chairmen of the commissions and the Senators of the Student Council, where each of them represents the group to which he belongs.

Renis Vangjelaj – Chairman of the Student Council

Ergys Dorani – Vice President of the Student Council

Klogen Prifti – Vice President of the Student Council

Jessica Picari – Secretary of KSL


Student Council Activities

KS Luarasi, since its reorganization, during the period 16/11/2016 – 13/03/2017, has organized and had its representatives participating in the following activities, which are organized and executed with the assistance of professors and academic staff of KU Luarasi, as follows:

Academic Activities:

On 02/12/2016, representatives of KS Luarasi were active participants in the three-day Symposium on “Corruption”, organized by the US Embassy.

Socio-Cultural Activities:

1.New Year’s Evening, organized on 12/19/2016, in the premises of “Xheko Imperial” where participants were students and also invited were lecturers, who supported the organization and honored us with their participation.

  1. On 12/20/2016, KS Luarasi organized a fundraising campaign in cooperation with the Organization “Different weekend”. This activity consisted of collecting a certain amount of money which would be offered as assistance to families in economic difficulties, respectively the Nozlli and Mazlliku families. Donors at this event were students and professors.

It was the representatives of KS Luarasi and the students who expressed in the homes of these families the warm spirit of the holidays under the logo “Be and you Grandpa”.

  1. On 17/12/2016 KS Luarasi was a participant in the gala evening “Christmas in Tirana” on the occasion of the end of year holidays. This representation was made possible by the cooperation of the Marketing Office with the organizers of the venue.
  2. On 02/02/2017, KS Luarasi organized Movie Night in the premises of KU Luarasi, where participants were students and professors. Student participation was considerable. Such activities that transform the premises of KU Luarasi from academic halls to cultural and artistic environments will be returned to tradition by KS Luarasi.
  3. On 06/02/2017, at the death of the colossus of Albanian letters Dritëro Agolli, KS Luarasi organized a literary evening where the poems and the life and work of the author were brought back to the attention under the title “Homage to Dritëro Agolli”. This event lasted one hour and was held in the premises of KU Luarasi.
  4. On 22/02/2017 KS Luarasi organized a fundraiser to help student Xhensila Xhuti, who was suffering from a serious illness. The modest fund raised was deposited by KS Luarasi in the bank account opened by the family.
  5. On 08/03/2017 KS Luarasi organized two competitions (poetry and painting) with the theme of the holiday of March 7-8. In this event the works were interpreted and presented, and symbolic prizes provided by KU Luarasi were distributed to the winners.

Sports activities:

  1. On 14/12/2016, representatives of KS Luarasi and students were participants in the football championship between private universities. Ku Luarasi’s financing for the organization and the necessary logistical means is worth thanking.
  2. On 16/01 / 2017-14 / 02/2017, representatives of KS Luarasi and students participated in the women’s volleyball championship between private universities. Ku Luarasi’s financing for the organization and the necessary logistical means is worth thanking.

We would like to bring to your attention that KS Luarasi has been a supporter of activities of academic character, activities of socio-cultural character, and those of promotional character for KU Luarasi, organized by KU Luarasi.

Meetings for establishing collaborations

KS Luarasi held a meeting with the University of Peja, exchanging reciprocal visits to twin student structures.

Geraldo Meta

Chairman of the KSL Activities Commission