Office of Projects and Foreign Relations

The Office of Projects and External Relations is a structure set up within Luarasi, but will also collaborate with a wide range of partners at the regional, national and international levels. This structure facilitates Luarasi cooperation with partner institutions in the field of higher education, civil society, entrepreneurship and policy making. Furthermore, Luarasi has established a network of partners in the region by cooperating in areas of common interest for the further development of education and research.

The office is organized in two departments: the Department for Project Research and Development and the Department of External Relations. Department for Research and Project Development at KU Luarasi facilitates the development of projects in social sciences, legal sciences and economics, in order to include Luarasi academic staff, researchers and students in capacity development projects, research and various policy-oriented studies .

The Department of Foreign Relations is the summary basis of all meetings with partner actors of Luarasi University College. Also, the subdivision is an archive of all agreements signed with national and international partners.

The mission of this office is to establish and consolidate a large network of local and international partners and to apply, propose and implement numerous projects in the field of justice, economics, social sciences and higher education.

The main objectives of the office are:

1- Increasing the potential number of local and foreign partners

2- Increasing the capacities of students and staff of KU Luarasi through exchanges in the Erasmus + call

3- Involvement of students and staff of KU Luarasi in initiatives of various projects in the field of higher education

4- Achieving a measurable result of Foreign Relations in the number of student internships, participation in trainings and opportunities in the labor market.