Teaching Secretariat

The Teaching Secretariat is the administrative unit responsible for arranging, tracking and archiving any enrollment, data, document or list of grades related to the student for undergraduate and postgraduate study programs. The teaching secretary is headed by the Chief Secretary who coordinates and supervises the work. The teaching secretariat of the main unit is subordinated to the respective Dean. The Chief Secretary is subordinate to the Rector.

The Teaching Secretariat has the following competencies:

a) registers persons who have acquired the right to be students;

b) opens and maintains a personal electronic and written file for each student, where they are reflected

student enrollment documentation in the institution, courses taken until the end of the cycle

course repetitions, exam results, scholarship status and disciplinary measures if

are taken such;

c) archives student registration files based on the year and program of study;

d) keeps in electronic form the lists of exam results which come from the Dean’s Office;

e) prepares transcripts (list of grades) for the student;

f) prepares documents which are submitted to official institutions such as: Student Certificate, Recommendations

and other similar documents;

g) renews the student registration at the beginning of the year;

h) prepares and distributes student identification cards.



i) completes the diplomas of the students who have acquired the right to graduate and submits them

graduate students vs. firm;

j) identifies the students who benefit from the scholarship as well as those who lose the right to the scholarship due to

failures in lessons;

k) follows the procedures of students who want to interrupt university studies, performs

their enrollments and at the end of each academic year, presents a report on the causes of

interruptions before the Senate;

l) identifies students who have not managed to successfully complete their studies within the deadline

maximum set out in Article 49 of this Regulation;

m) monitors the payment of tuition fees by students and records the relevant data in

electronic form;

n) identifies students who have not entered the exams;

nj) provides a document for taking exams of students who have made tuition fees within

exam period;

  1. o) keeps the documents in which the results of the exams are reflected;
  2. p) follows and implements student transfer procedures;
  3. q) informs the Dean’s Office or the Head of the Department, based on the request of the latter,

on the educational situation and enrollment data of students and classes;

r) prepares information or reports on the basis of the request of state administrative bodies;

rr) registers the documents submitted by the students;

s) archives the files of graduate students;

sh) performs other tasks assigned by the superior body, in relation to the teaching-scientific activity;

t) Performs all other functions provided in the Statute of “Luarasi.” University


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